Friday, October 28, 2011

How to reheat pizza so that it's better than when it was first delivered

(via Cynical-C

I'm definitely trying this the next time I get an opportunity (which is unfortunately not this very instant).

Have you tried this?


  1. Weird! Today must be "How to Reheat Pizza" day on the internet. I like this skillet idea better.

  2. Funny. I hadn't seen that, Ross. Thanks!

    (Also, I'm going to have to figure out why links aren't linking in comments…)

  3. I've done it before, it's hands down the best method.

  4. this just may be the answer i have been looking for! i dont know why I never thought to try this way to reheat pizza! i always myself just turned on the toaster oven and popped it in. and i always seemed to over do it! burned bottom, crusted,and completely over did the cheese and toppings! so i thank you for this post and video! havented tried it yet, buti have some left over howies pizza that i was going to just throw away, but i have a growling tummy, so, im gonna give this a shot! thanks again!!